Shipping Policy

Order Processing:
Standard order processing can take between 1-3 business days (Monday – Friday).
The order processing includes receiving data from the website, picking goods, packaging, and handing over to the courier.

Price Settlement:
Due to the significant currency exchange fluctuations, we establish the payment in US Dollar at the time of purchase.
We assess the refund based on this amount in US Dollar when necessary.

Verification for Japan only:
Regarding importation of nutritional supplements for personal use to Japan, the importer, the customer, assumes the sole responsibility, which is defined by the law of Japan.

We are referencing the circumstance, not determining where the responsibility resides.

Therefore, this verification process does not have any legal binding, but we do this for the sake of the customer.

We can not be responsible or held accountable for our advice, decision, discretion, or anything whatsoever, relating to the purchase if resulted in damage, violation or loss.

We review the order to make sure the item quantity and or the total value is within the scope of personal use.

However, if the Japanse customs rejects your items; the customer is responsible for all the fees and penalties, and or any cost associated with the rejection.

If the purchase deemed eligible to ship, we send the order to packaging.

If the order is not eligible for ship due to out of stock or any other reasons, we will contact the customer within the standard processing time.

Nippon Express USA handles orders on every business day. Nippon Express uses air cargo from LAX airport to Narita, Japan. After clearing the custom, Nippon Express USA or Japan Post will deliver your order to your door.

Shipment Tracking:
Nippon Express USA LAX branch sends tracking information via email to the customer within 24 hours of the recipient of packages from us.
The email has a link to a webpage where the customer can see progress reflected and updated.

The standard time frame for the delivery is three to five business days after shipping.

Please refer to the Return Policy.